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I am a dynamic mother of two kids and live and work in Vienna. I have studied and practised fine art, interior design, textile art, painting and photography. Today I use all the techniques I have learned during my career to create unique wall decorations. With my colour sensitivity, my understanding and feeling of spaces I consider myself the medium between the space and the owner and I am able to translate their ideas unto canvases and walls. I am able to turn their individual vision into colour.


No matter if public or private spaces, a restaurant, a hotel lobby, an apartment or a waiting area in a practice: colours, shapes and structures are key for a harmonic interior design. Walls are not only a building structure, but a vital part of the overall design concept. Often designers are struggling to find the right piece of art that not only has the right size, but also the right colours and painting style (which can easily be incorporated in the overall image.)


My conceptand work fills this gap: the portfolio includes paintings from realistic to abstract styles. The spontaneous use of a palette knife and textured walls in gesso technique are made to last in humid environments, such as bathrooms and kitchens and work on different materials, such as brick and wood.


Instead of simply buying a piece of art that barely fits, with the ACCENTWALL concept the designer and his client can render an individual piece in line with the space and the given architecture and turn it into a customized piece of decorative art. 


Talking and listening to clients from all over the world, one common feature has always emerged: the house of one’s dreams represents and embodies the personality and the image of the owner. An apartment in a perfect baroque style, the curves and natural shapes of art nouveau or a sleek contemporary loft need very different wall decorations and a different approach to painting. This is why I work closely with my clients to determine subject, colour, size and style. It is important to find the right ingredients so that the artwork reflects the room and the style of the owner, no matter the type of the surface used – canvas, wooden panels or directly on the wall. The resulting ACCENTWALLS concept can be rich, sophisticated, calming or wonderfully simple, full of charm and character.

​“The ideal [artist] would evolve spontaneously. One in whom the powers of expression fully responded to the state of feeling, would unconsciously use that variety in the mode of presenting [its] thoughts, which Art demands. To have a specific style is to be poor in speech.”


Philosophy of style, Herbert Spencer 

As a painter I see interior design projects in a different perspective. I love to introduce something special to every place I touch: A textured wall in the kitchen area, some new patina on a piece of furniture or individual paintings to fill white, empty and monotone spaces. I can provide the right style, colour and texture for any type of project.