Personalised, durable and luxurious


Shapes, structures and colours are vital for a harmonious interior – whether in a restaurant, a hotel lobby, a waiting area in a doctor office or a private home. I address each interior with great care for detail. A modernist or industrial style restaurant with a lively clientele of course requires different colours and a different painting style than a yoga studio, which needs to be calm and relaxing. 


Adding an individual piece of wall decoration in a public space generates an inviting atmosphere and by this gives the feeling that the business cares for its clients. In an office on the other hand ACCENTWALLS will create an inspiring and productive space for employees.


   Individual solutions for every space and style


I am a painter and developed the idea for ACCENTWALLS while renovating houses. It allows me to add something really different to any space: a textured wall in the kitchen area or a patina on a piece of furniture, a big or a small painting to fill in the gaps and get away from monotony. I soon realised that this is actually not very common in interior design and that designers and developers often struggle to find the right piece of art that fits the wall. Here is where I come in: My portfolio includes paintings from a realistic style, to abstract and spontaneous use of palate knife, as well as textured walls in gesso technique, made to last in humid environments like bathroom and kitchens. This is also applicable on furniture.